I’m on “TV” …

… primitively, so far, since I can’t yet get hold of the actual media files and play them off this page, as I’d like. For now I’m linking below to videos of my talks on Declaration and one of my older talks on The Whiskey Rebellion.

I also give talks when not specifically flogging my books. I take a narrative, lively, colloquial approach to significant yet little-known tales (sometimes funny, sometimes moving, sometimes both) of grassroots American populists versus upscale American elites in the founding, and at other times in our history as well. Character-driven and punchy, yet I hope thought-provoking, with unusual resonances for today’s politics, reaching across the usual divides. I’ll post a list of talk titles soon — and I can tailor the big themes around specific interests too.

Anyway, here’s some video. Return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear:

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