American Liberty versus American Equality, 1776

a little caterwauling -- always good before a talk

Here is a link to my talk at the National Archives on tensions between equality and liberty in 1776. (There’s banjo playing involved — even vocalizing — but it gets done quick.)

I tell fun, dramatic stories on connections between American history and today’s political and cultural struggles, with a focus on insurrections, economic crises, conflicts between liberals and conservatives, and populist visions of democracy, equality, and liberty — raising questions that spark dialogue across common political divides. At this event, I was immersed in my latest book, Declaration, so the talk is focused on that strange tale, but I’ve spoken on related conflicts in American history to responsive audiences from the Kansas City Public Library to the National Alcohol Beverage Control Association (annual conference keynote talk) to Saint Ann’s School in Brooklyn, New York, and elsewhere — and I’ve been on CBS TV “Good Morning, America,” PBS TV “History Detectives,” C-SPAN “Book TV,” PCN TV “PA Books,” Minnesota Public Radio, Wisconsin Public Radio, Fox News Radio, and many other broadcast, cable, and online shows and channels. Talks can be tailored to specific groups and interests.

I’m gathering some glowing testimonials and a contact interface for this site — to come soon shortly. In the meantime, I’m not that hard to find … Anyway, enjoy the show.


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