Thom Hartmann

[UPDATE: Part of the Hartmann interview. I recommend listening, not watching.]

I’ll be on the radio with Thom Hartmann tomorrow at 4:00 PM to discuss Founding Finance, etc. (The segment is called “Conversations with Great Minds.” Make of that what you will.)


2 thoughts on “Thom Hartmann

  1. Thank you for the wonderful discussion with Thom Hartmann. I greatly enjoyed it and I am considering the purchase of your book in the near future. Americans could almost always benefit from more, accurate historical information for context in a discussion of current issues. Thanks again!

  2. My lucky day. I haven’t listened to Thom Hartman for months and punching through the radio buttons today, I came into your interview purely by chance.

    Democracy Now! had Kevin Phillips talking about his new book 1775. He seeks solace and refuge from 2012, a time without great men, in 1775.

    I’ve read and own a few of Kevin Phillips’ books but based on Phillips and your interview (and now having read and bought a copy of Founding Finance), I highly recommend your book to people I talk to.

    I hope your sales go way up because therein is the discussion this country needs.

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