My Boston Review Interview on “Founding Finance”

Here’s the interview I gave David Johnson for Boston Review. I like BR’s title: “How Big Finance Won the American Revolution.” [UPDATE:] There’s now an exchange in the comment section that gets into my grim view of the first ten amendments, with reference to some other posts on this blog.]


One thought on “My Boston Review Interview on “Founding Finance”

  1. Great interview, Bill. My only criticism is you tiptoed around the term “class warfare.” Maybe those words will come up in a future interview. You did readers a great service by stressing the statements Randolph made on the very first day of the convention, Also, while aware of your criticisms of Wood, Brown, and others, I did not know that Hofstadter also came under your fire. I have read many of his books but that occurred decades ago. I am interested to know your criticism of him.

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