Review of “Founding Finance”

Here’s the first and so far the only review of Founding Finance . It’s in Jacobin, written by Tom Cutterham, and while the mag is a lefty journal for general readers, not an academic one (happily), I’ll just say that this is the only time my efforts have been taken this seriously in a fully-informed academic context. In fact, fair warning: the review is way headier than my book!


7 thoughts on “Review of “Founding Finance”

  1. There’s a new blog called Junto* with a post entitled Sympathy for the Founders by Tom Cutterman. The first sentence is:

    “One day soon, someone will write the history of the bankers, fund managers, lawyers and accountants who helped make our present financial crisis.”

    Made me think of you.

    I haven’t had a chance to read Founding Finance yet, but probably will over the holidays.

    *Junto is a blog by “junior early Americanists—graduate students and junior faculty.”

  2. I saw the CSpan piece, and read the well written Jacobin review. Looking forward to reading your book.

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