Class, Finance, and the American Founding: a Talk

My Kansas City Public Library talk on the founders, class, and finance is now available any time at the C-Span Video Library.

I’d thought it went well — except for some mild nerves, messing with the banjo-vocal byplay — and it did go well, largely because, I am reminded by looking at it, the KCPL audience just seems to get me, and to enjoy my schtick. Crosby Kemper, who introduces me here in terms that could not be more pleasing, knows his stuff (history, for one thing) and knows his crowd and tees the thing up expertly. And Henry Fortunato, who has the thankless job here of trying to remind me to repeat people’s questions and make them to go the microphone, knows all there is to know about audience development, as far as I can tell. So, as I’ve noted before, KCPL remains one of the great places for me talk about my particular subjects.


One thought on “Class, Finance, and the American Founding: a Talk

  1. Mr. Hogeland,
    I watched the video; nice talk and well delivered.

    In your work, and on this blog especially, I always sense your love of and preference for egalite. However, during your comments on the conflicting views of Paine and Adams, in the final part of your talk, you surprised me! (Please correct me if I am wrong here – perhaps my own bias is at play). Did you ever-so-mildly favor the view of Mr. Adams limiting the power of the little “d” democrats, and his fear of the tyranny of the majority? In particular, taken with what is transpiring today, of ever intruding national government (not to mention the IRS scandals). Was Mr Adams more prophetic in his worries?

    It just seemed like a tender moment between you and Mr Adams. I really enjoyed it. Cheers

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