My Discussion of Founding Finance with Brian Lockman on “PA Books”

This interviewer always brings out the argument. My third time on Brian’s show, and really the best, I think (it’s a QuickTime movie):


5 thoughts on “My Discussion of Founding Finance with Brian Lockman on “PA Books”

  1. As a Libertarian college professor I admire your work (although my discipline is not history/politics). You point out the genius of The Framers in constructing a Republic, which has unfortunately degenerated into a Democracy and to add insult to injury one dominated by a Crony-capitalist crypto-fascist Cabal. I hope your work becomes more widely known.

  2. Well, thank you. But what I’m actually trying to point out are: a) the commitment of the framers to constructing a republic specifically in order to defeat the democratic social-contract ethos that had been critical to gaining American independence; and b) the degree to which they founded that republic precisely on what is now called crony capitalism. In that context, Washington’s suppression of the west, in supposed response to the so-called Whiskey Rebellion — a suppression in which all the significant individual rights in the first ten amendments of the Constitution were violated — represents the seeds, at the very least, of what you’re calling crypto-fascism. So I can’t see any degeneration from the founding.

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