“Founding Finance” Now in Paperback

“Founding Finance” is now out in paper from the original publisher, University of Texas Press.

Splendid … full of smart, unsettling observations that will enlighten — and discomfort — liberals and conservatives alike.” — Stephen Mihm, University of Georgia

“Hogeland’s position deserves to be seen as a politics of anti-founding.” — Tom Cutterham, “Jacobin”

“Hogeland doesn’t just set out to show how the conventional [founding] story has things shaded a little wrong or omits a telling incident. He wants to persuade us that it’s a cover-up. . . . It’s a rip-roaring story whose most remarkable rips come in an unusual chapter…in the exact middle of the book. ‘I’m untrained,’ Hogeland begins. He isn’t confessing so much as throwing down the gauntlet against the élites in the history business.” — David Skeel, “Books and Culture”

“Provocative.” — Library Journal

“Thought-provoking.” — Booklist

One of the best books about the revolutionary period ever written.”
— a guy on Amazon.


2 thoughts on ““Founding Finance” Now in Paperback

  1. Give me hardcover or give me death!

    (Actually, I read it in hardcover, secured at my local Barnes & Noble. Not only is it a fantastic read, I’m making my friends read it. It altered the way I look at the Founding Fathers…)

  2. Congrats, Bill — as a “trained historian,” I have found it a very refreshing departure from Ivy League orthodoxy as well as mythical constructions of the founding era. And my students find it provocative, which is a good thing.

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