3 thoughts on “I did a July Fourth interview…

  1. J.G. Michael of Parallax Views with William Hogeland topped off with Slavoj Žižek clips for a grand finale!

    Better than any fireworks display I might have gone to.

  2. I could not access the Parallax interview. although I did see something here that could have been a transcript of the interview. What the heck is Parallax? I did read your piece in the Boston Review, Illuminating, challenging . Thank you.

    Do you know the statue of Martin Luther King in Wash. DC? I believe it was made in China by Chinese artists, of Chinese stone and donated to the United States. The stern faced father! A monolithic monstrosity. Why don’t we build another one? A row of life sized human figures, white and black, arms linked with MLK in the center of the arc, marching down the middle of a street.

  3. I just spent all day reading about the German Zollverein, and was surprised to suddenly discover after five hours that it was directly inspired by Hamilton’s schemes… E.M. Mearle, “Smith, Hamilton, List”

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