One thought on “A free public post

  1. The irony of Trump’s second impeachment is that his name was, quite literally, all over the crime. People were wearing Trump gear and carrying Trump flags and banners as they stormed the Capitol looking for law makers to harass and even kill. There are not many crimes where the perpetrator leaves his or her name all over the crime scene. This should be proof in and of itself that Trump is guilty of inciting an insurrection. He ordered the coup. He had his name on the order. Imagine if the name of an ordinary American had been plastered all over a domestic terrorist attack on the U.S. Capitol. They would be in serious trouble and would certainly be questioned by the police if not charged with insurrection especially if they had whipped the crowd up into a frenzy before the attack as Trump did. I do not know if Trump has even been questioned by police about the insurrection and he looks to be acquitted by the Senate since a two-thirds majority seems out of reach. Which makes me wonder why the Founders made conviction an almost uncertainty in the impeachment process. Two-thirds majority seems ridiculously high in order to convict especially when this is a political court whose jurors are not bound by any sense of adhering to the law or justice. It seems to be a lame process. My feeling is that if Trump is not convicted in the Senate, that the American people, through their representatives, should consider abolishing impeachment altogether. Evidently, according to Marco Rubio, if the President commits an impeachable offense late enough into his term, then he or she is immune to impeachment since there would not be enough time to convict a sitting President before they leave office. This is a dangerous precedent which exonerates the behavior of any President if they commit their offense just before leaving office. So, why not scrap the whole thing altogether? It would be much better to create a law which said that a President must leave office upon losing re-election or immediately upon the election of a successor. This would not prevent abuses one hundred percent of the time, but it certainly would have closed the loophole that allowed Trump to flout our democratic system of checks and balances and get away with it. I do not necessarily blame the Founders. As the article stated, they could not have imagined a President like Trump who attacked the very government that he was sworn to uphold. I could not have imagined it either. But, now that we have had one, I think that we should adjust our laws to fit the circumstances. Scrap impeachment altogether and create a law to remove a President upon losing re-election or upon the election of his or her successor. No one has ever been convicted in the Senate after impeachment and no one ever will in time to save our Republic. It is time to look at different options.

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