Wild Early Republic: The Trilogy

“not your father’s founding fathers”


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Selected Essays and Articles

Liberal Originalism Gets History Wrong (Boston Review); The Old Racism-Conservatism Link (AlterNet); Steve Earle, “The Mountain,” and the Strange Religion of Bluegrass (Atlantic); Obama’s Fantasies about the Constitution (Huffington); Liberalism versus Populism (Boston Review); Jim Lauderdale and What’s Wrong with Bluegrass Purism (Slate); The Bottle Rockets and Woody Guthrie (Times); Military Policing of the Citizenr (AlterNet); Why “Countrypolitan” Was Great (Times); PBS’s Petrified American Roots (Echo); Falsifying the Legacies of William F. Buckley, Jr., and Pete Seeger (Boston Review; “Best Music Writing 2009”); Inventing Alexander Hamilton (Boston Review); A Dissenting View of the Carter Family (Times); Four Ways the Poor Get Screwed That Everybody Takes for Granted (AlterNet); Why the National Constitution Center Is Such a Bummer (Boston Review); Our Founding Illegals (Times); George Washington as LameDuck (Times), Dock Boggs and Rock Criticism (Atlantic).

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  1. I am currently writing a fictional book with an historically accurate backdrop, “Rebellion: A 300 Year Saga of Lawlessness” It is a multi-generational saga starting in 1745 Scotland (uprising of 45). One character participates in the Revolutionary War, Shays’s Rebellion, and the Whiskey Rebellion before travelling to Kentucky. I have read your book on The Whiskey Rebellion twice. It is quite excellent. Thanks for your wonderfully in depth analysis of this very important (and somewhat forgotten) chapter in our country’s history.

  2. Comparing the battle maps of the Monongahela and Fallen Timbers, it seems both Braddock and Wayne led columns of regular troops in thick forests against numerous American Indians. What accounts for the opposite outcomes? —Curious Reader

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