Wild Early Republic: The Trilogy

“not your father’s founding fathers”


Other Books


Selected Essays and Articles

Liberal Originalism Gets History Wrong (Boston Review); The Old Racism-Conservatism Link (AlterNet); Steve Earle, “The Mountain,” and the Strange Religion of Bluegrass (Atlantic); Obama’s Fantasies about the Constitution (Huffington); Liberalism versus Populism (Boston Review); Jim Lauderdale and What’s Wrong with Bluegrass Purism (Slate); The Bottle Rockets and Woody Guthrie (Times); Military Policing of the Citizenr (AlterNet); Why “Countrypolitan” Was Great (Times); PBS’s Petrified American Roots (Echo); Falsifying the Legacies of William F. Buckley, Jr., and Pete Seeger (Boston Review; “Best Music Writing 2009”); Inventing Alexander Hamilton (Boston Review); A Dissenting View of the Carter Family (Times); Four Ways the Poor Get Screwed That Everybody Takes for Granted (AlterNet); Why the National Constitution Center Is Such a Bummer (Boston Review); Our Founding Illegals (Times); George Washington as LameDuck (Times), Dock Boggs and Rock Criticism (Atlantic).

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