Fantasy White House Press Corps

Obama’s Press Secretary: Bill?

Me: The other day the President told reporters that the courts of the 1960’s had perhaps been overly activist. Now we’re getting reports that the administration is exploring possible qualifications of the Miranda rule, in cases of people suspected of terrorism. Would it be fair to conclude that the Miranda rule is a good example of an area where the President feels the 1960’s courts were overly activist?

OPS: Well, the President has been very clear on —

Me: I mean it’s OK with me if he does think that. I JUST REALLY WANT TO KNOW WHAT HE THINKS!

OPS: That’s enough, Bill. Yes, Brian?

One thought on “Fantasy White House Press Corps

  1. Is it not alarmingly clear to even the most frightened or earnestly protective citizens that suspension of legal rights for any segment of the population negates them for everyone? Why would the United States aspire to be a police state?

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